Menu (菜单)
Appetizers (头台) Soups (汤羹类) Live Lobster & Crab (生猛龙虾蟹类)
Seafood (海 鮮 类 ) Poultry (鸡鸭类) Beef (牛 肉 类) Pork (豬 肉 类)
Tofu & Vegetables (豆 腐 -蔬 菜类 ) Hot Pot (煲 仔类 )
Egg & Egg Foo Young (蛋 类)
Rice & Noodles (饭 面 类)
Combination Dinners (For One Person) Family Dinners (Served for 2 or More) Special Set Menu

Banquet/Party Dim Sum ( 点 心 )    
* Menu Prices subject to change without notice. Order (206) 623-1670


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