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Live Lobster & Crab
Seafood ( r )
Poultry (Ѽ)
Beef (ţ )
Pork (i )
Tofu & Vegetables 
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Hot Pot ( )
Egg & Egg Foo Young ( )
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Combination Dinners (For One Person)
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Special Set Menu
Dim Sum ( 㡡 )

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Dim Sum ( 㡡 )

Chinese ģ ^

English Ӣģ

            Small ($1.95)

$1.95 ʲհ BBQ Pork Bun
֭צ chicken Feet
ζް׸ Delicately Turnip Pudding 
՟hͰ Baked BBQ Pork Bun
»ը Spring Roll
Pan Fry Pork Bun
Ͳ BBQ Pork turnover
֭ Ǯ Steamed Oxtripe w/Black Bean Sauce
ţҶ Steamed Beef Tripes w/Ginger Scallion sauce
Ƥ Egg Tart
â Mango Pudding
ʶɳ Sweet bean Dumpling
ذ Sweet Lotus Seed Bun
ؼ Deep Fried Glutinous Ball
Ƥ̻ư Cream Bun
Ҭ֭ Coconut Cake
յ Sponge Cake
͸ Water Chestnut Cake
Ǹ Sweet Jelly

Medium ($2.35)

$2.35 Ϻ Shrimp ball
Siu Mei
Ϻˮ Fred Meat & Shrimp dumpling
Ϻ Steamed Squid w/Shrimp Paste
ı Chicken & Meat Pack
ʱţ Beef Ball
֭ Steamed Spareribs W/ black bean Sauce
Ƥ r Ϻ Shrimp bean Curd Roll
steamed Dumpling (Foon Gor)
Ϻ˽ Shrimp & Spinach ball
Crispy Taro Turnover
Shrimp & chives Ball

Large ($2.65)

$2.65 Stuffed Eggplant
Ϻ𶹸 Stuffed Bean Curd
Stuffed Green Pepper
ζճ BBQ Pork rice Roll
Ϻ Dried Shrimp rice Roll
Pot Sticker
»Ϻ shrimp rice Roll
ˬţ⳦ Beef Rice Roll
ˮʽ Seafood Dumpling

X-Large ($3.50)

$3.50 Soy Sauce chow Mein
Ŵ Fried Sticky rice
Chinese sausage & Chicken rice
צŹǷ Chicken Feet & Spareribs rice
Dried Fish & peanut Congee
Ƥ Egg & Pork Congee
Peal Sticky rice Wrap

Special ($4.25)

$4.25 Salt & Pepper Squid
Ϻ Salt & Pepper Prawns
ͽ Chinese broccoli w/Oyster Sauce
֭ Clams with Black bean Sauce
֭ Mussels with Black bean Sauce
Mandarin Sparerib
¯Ѽ roast Duck
ͼ Soy Sauce Chicken
* Menu Prices subject to change without notice. Order (206) 623-1670
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