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Live Lobster & Crab (生猛龙虾蟹类)
编号 菜名(Chinese) 菜名(English) Price价格US$(美元)
23 上汤焗 Baked in Supreme Broth Seasonal
24 姜葱焗 W/Ginger & Green Onion Seasonal
25 避风塘焗 Deep Fried w/Garlic, red Chili, & Spicy Salt Seasonal
26 潮式焗 Mouth -Watering Salty Taste Sauce Seasonal
27 马来西亚咖喱焗 W/ Malaysia Curry Sauce Seasonal
28 奶油焗 Baked W/ Cream & Butter Seasonal
29 豉 汁 焗焗 Baked W/Black Bean Sauce Seasonal
30 蒜 蓉 蒸 Steamed W. Garlic Sauce Seasonal
* Menu Prices subject to change without notice. Order (206) 623-1670
食 法 任 選 (時 价 ) Choice of the following style
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